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Ezra's Hope Helping

Families of Addiction 

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Making a Difference Today

 Ezra's Hope is a nonprofit dedicated to give awareness about addiction.

To give hope through education, empowerment and recovery to those left behind because of addiction.

The most vulnerable are the children we are here to serve them.

Make a Difference Today

Ezra's Hope Welcomes You

Who We Are

Ezra's Hope is doing its best to give awareness about addiction.

Family is the core of each and everyone of us. Most of us have been touched by someone who became addicted and did not know where to go, feeling their hands were tied.
We are here to cut the tie and help .

2018 was a big year for Ezra's Hope. We had just started January and helped many families.

Our first recipient was a grandmother whom had just received custody of her three small granddaughters.

She was in need of a myriad of items ,of which we were able to retrieve in less than 24 hours. Clothes,baby food, end table, grocery store gift card, pack and play,bed and mattress. 

We paid for a delivery of propane that she could cook for the children.

We helped a with another family who lost their mother to addiction and needed winter coats and clothes.

Christmas were able to get gift cards to those out of State to get presents to young children left behind.

We reached out to other nonprofits to help those in need that lived in their States. 

We also sent letters , poems, colored pictures  to the addict to give encouragement and stay the course of sobriety.

We sent our secret to those who need hope, because the parent, child or significant other had died.

This our dear readers is just the tip of an Iceberg and with the help of your donations or time can continue this amazing journey of HOPE to those who feel hopeless.         

Ezra's Hope we are helpers of hope.

God does not call the equipped,
He equips the called.

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32 park Road Ambler Pa 19002



215-390-3167 or 610-247-0634

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